Troy Grohman

Troy Grohman is junior political science major at St. Mary’s University. He is a native  of San Antonio and has always been fascinated by the artistic and political culture the city brings. Grohman’s love for the visual arts started in high school when he joined the school’s film club and participated as the director of photography and film editor. Along with this love of visuals Grohman also is fond of politics and  hopes to expand on combining his two interest while entering the political advertisement field which has grown more dependent on visual communications within the past years.

Grohman has many talents in the field of politics and communications; he is a creative writer, and is skilled in photography and film. He helped his film team win an honorable mention award at the 2014 “Can’t Beat Love” film competition. Grohman has also worked with the St. Mary’s news publication, The Rattler ,on numerous events as a part-time writer where he would write articles based off of anything from politics to sporting events.

Grohman hopes to use his skills and talents he has acquired in college to help him pursue a career that he loves. He will be graduating St. Mary’s in December  2016.